What is bitcoinClean?

bitcoinClean is a hard fork of Bitcoin. Forked at block #518.800. The hard fork took place Tuesday, April 18th, 2018, 5:26:13 PM (UTC). Block #518,800 was the first bitcoinClean block. bitcoinClean introduces an additional restriction for miners, so that only miners, that have submitted a proof-of-greenness, or documentation about their clean electricity use, that has then been approved by their peers can mine coins.

Where can a miner upload his proof-of-greenness?

bitcoinClean is the protocol governing how votes are counted and how miners are prohibited from receiving the coinbase reward for a submitted block if they are not yet verified. bitcoinClean does not have a platform for uploading documents. Services like Google Docs and Onedrive can be used. Or specific websites created. Creating project specific websites is easy and free on services like Blogger. But ultimately it is up to the individual miner which service he/she uses.

How are miners verified?

Miners need to upload their proof-of-greenness to a service of their choosing. Proof-of-greenness can be any documentation that proves, beyond reasonable doubt, that the miner has a clean energy source sufficient to power his or her hashrate. Let’s say a miner has one AntMiner S9 that generates 14 Th/s and consumes 1400W. Then the miner needs to show proof that he has at least 1400W of clean electricity at his disposal. It takes about 3 confirmations by other miners until a miner has a Rank sufficient to start mining.

What is Rank and what is Impact?

Every bitcoinClean address can have two associated scores. Rank and Impact. Rank starts at 0 and needs to be at least 100 before a miner can submit blocks.
Impact starts at 0 and is increased every time a miners vote on another miner is confirmed, and decreased when his vote is contradicted.
His Impact determines how much his vote counts. Its function is a weight, that his vote is multiplied by when being counted. The maximum impact is 5.
Miners can and should vote not only on the clean energy use of the other miner, which is a requirement, but also, if they think the miner has the health and validity of the coin at heart.
Malicious actors can be voted out of power and earnings this way, to ensure the alignment of the community with the currency.

What if a miner submits a block but is not yet approved?

Miners can not submit blocks if their Rank is not sufficient. The block will be rejected as invalid.

They can still spend the energy and computing resources to mine a block, that cannot be prohibited effectively.

But submitted blocks will be invalid, and no coinbase reward can be claimed.

This effectively makes mining without sufficient Rank a waste of resources.

How could a successful proof-of-greenness look like?

Any documentation that proves the miner has access to a sufficient amount of clean electricity is likely to be successful. This could be an utility bill by a green electricity provider like those mentioned here http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/global-warming/renewable-energy-future/. Or it could be photos and a proof of ownership of a hydroelectric power plant. Or solar panels and their specifications that a miner installed on her roof.

It has to be plausible that a miner really derives sufficient energy to run his mining operation from clean energy sources.

How can I get bitcoinClean?

Every Bitcoin holder up to and including block #517.999 will hold the same amount of bitcoinClean as Bitcoins. All addresses and transactions leading up to that block are copied and also part of bitcoinCleans history. Thanks to Bitcoin’s ingenious use of public key cryptography, these bitcoinClean can be controlled by the same private keys as the Bitcoins, without bitcoinClean developers being able to know or guess these private keys.

If a user feels uncomfortable accessing his private keys through the bitcoinClean wallet, he or she should wait for tests and reviews until he or she is certain beyond doubt that using the same private key that controls his or her Bitcoin is safe!

Another way to securely manage both Bitcoin and bitcoinClean is to move his or her Bitcoin to another wallet controlled by a new key after the hard fork. This way the old private key controls the bitcoinClean wallet and the new one his or her Bitcoin wallet.

Recently YoBit became the first exchange to list bitcoinClean trading pairs with the ticker symbol BCL. bitcoinClean can be bought and sold there too. Exrates announced plans to support bitcoinClean shortly, and Nebula will list BCL end of June 2018.

How many bitcoinClean do I get for each Bitcoin I hold?

For each one Bitcoin an address holds, the same address will hold one bitcoinClean on the bitcoinClean blockchain after the hardfork. The same holds true for any multiples or fractions of Bitcoins. It’s a full 1:1 copy.

How can I support bitcoinClean?

bitcoinClean wants to revolutionize the way cryptocurrencies are mined. Mining with clean energy can actually increase clean energy demand and lead to innovation and proliferation of clean energy technologies. We encourage bitcoinClean users to spread the message, start mining, become active in the community and help create a future where crypto currencies stand for liberation: liberation from banks and financial institutions. Liberation from energy oligopolies and big oil. Liberation from pollution and waste. bitcoinClean is starting the clean revolution, now.

Is there a wallet I can use

bitcoinClean currently has a core wallet or full node available for download from GitHub.

This wallet needs to be compiled and can then run on Linux 64-bit systems.

The wallet will download the entire bitcoinClean blockchain (180GB) first, and can then be used to create addresses, send and receive coins or get information about transactions.

The core wallet is via command line RPC calls. These calls are the same as Bitcoins and can viewed here on Bitcoins Wiki.

After the complete chain has been downloaded it can be pruned to approx. 20GB size.

I want to start mining bitcoinClean. What do I need to do?

Currently potential miners should contact support@bitcoinclean.org. Miners need to be able to provide credible documentation about their energy sources and the hashrate they will bring to the network. Support will send the proof to existing miners for review and voting.

Miners also need to download, compile and run our full node from GitHub.

Once enough votes are gathered, the miners are good to go.